Michael & Vero


Inspired by sunrise in African desert and beautiful gardens in a city of Rome.
Jardin or garden is a path to eternal happiness, an heirloom that blooms from the hearts of two soulmates.
The harmony of every aesthetic aspects of the decoration are carefully crafted arrangements to deliver a sense of prestige and grandeur.
The placement of the flowers, the color palettes, the dinamics of the structural textures gives a luxorious touch yet impeccably refined.
It builds to reflects the happy feelings of the bride and groom and represents a journey into a new chapter of their life. – Imaji, Niel Dimitrij


The Wedding of
Michael & Vero

29 May 2021

In Collaboration with

Event Organizer: Project Art Plus
Concepted by: Imaji, Niel Dimitrij
Decoration: Steve Decor
Equipment: Lasika
Venue : Imperial Ballroom, Surabaya