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DFACTORY provides entertainment concepts, stage concepts, creative content and multimedia operators for LED media, projectors or other electronic media.

The duration we need for the production process is about 2-3 months before the event takes place. Give us some time to explore your needs so that we can deliver an optimally streamlined presentation and provide a more visual experience in your event.

We do not provide a price list. For the price of the service, we will calculate case by case according to the needs and the type of media that will be used. we are open to collaborate together, feel free to contact us.

It is very possible for us to serve clients outside Surabaya. Our services are not limited to location. We are also challenged to explore in other cities besides Surabaya.

What you need to prepare is information about the planned event to be held. Feel free to share and tell stories with our team. We will help you from concept, production to execution. Our team is equipped with dozens of creative designers who are ready to help and create the next level experience for your event.